To blog or not to blog

That is the question…

Why am I here you ask?  Why am I here is what I am asking.  I think the answer to that question is probably boredom… and the fact that I’m unemployed at the moment.  I can hear all of you people reading this now saying ‘shouldn’t you be trying to find a job and not wasting your time blogging?!’ well yes maybe I should, and maybe the missus is right as she’s nodding her head and re-enforcing the fact that I should be looking for a job as well…

‘Stop reading over my shoulder! It makes me nervous’…

Lets get one thing straight right now… I am not lazy, I am still actively looking for a job but at this current time it’s so bloody hard.  For me working in the oil and gas drilling industry for 9 years I know I was sitting on a gold mine.  Plenty of work and plenty of money.  I am 29 years old now and at 21 I had enough cash to put a 20% deposit on a house and rightfully bought one.   I worked hard and played hard and now this downturn in the oil price has forced the hand of many big oil and gas giants to make their employees redundant.

So no need to feel sorry for me, I’ve been on a good wicket for a long time.  Semi retired at 29 has a good ring to it, but unfortunately semi retired will quickly turn into permanently bankrupt and homeless if I’m not careful.

Which brings me to why I must start blogging.  While still actively looking for work I now find it my duty to inform everyone about my adventures and life journey.  How many people find this page informing or useful I will probably be able to count on one hand but as ridiculous as this sounds in my head that the fact a 29 year old ex oil rig worker is writing a blog I hope to also entertain you with some of the antics I might get up too.  Or have gotten up to in the past.

My mother said to me recently that when I was a kid growing up she found me fascinating and interesting to be around… the amount of time I could put a smile of her face by just being me has put me in good stead.  A sense of humour and a sarcastic nature is one thing I have always had and my missus has a definite love/hate relationship with it.

A little bit about me…I’m engaged to my beautiful fiancée, I love to cook, love most sports, and definitely love to have a beer or 16.  I have a close nit group of mates and although not living close to some of them, we stay in touch by having a punters club.

So here begins the trials and tribulations of Jackos Modern Life… are you ready? I’m certainly not…

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