The Side Bet

Read in context with Engaged!! from a males mind part 1

So the side bet was an ongoing bet by my mates in our punters club about the year and month I would get engaged to my missus…

In February 2016 from what I could find out from my mates who were pissed at the time was that the month in which I proposed played a big part in who would receive a couple of hundred bucks…  if no one got the month right then the bet would be void and no one would win.

Having come up with this plan to propose in February I found out that the months the boys had chosen were March, July, September and November 2016…  now with the realisation that I control the outcome and in turn control who wins or losses the bet I decided to help a brother out!

Taking into account my missus was getting a bit annoyed in the fact we weren’t engaged yet November and September were out of the equation.  If she had to wait that long for a ring then she would probably have left before then haha.

With March and July in the mix I had to make a decision and it was pretty much a no brainer to propose in March.

Being the type of lad I am, while sinking a few Carlton draught pints at the pub I revealed my cunning plan to Mr March aka David and he agreed that a hand made wooden ring/picnic double would be a winner…



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