Engaged!! from a males mind part 1

So who would have thought growing up I would now be in a position to call a girl my wife?! It’s a prime example on how things change throughout your life, some for the negative and others for the positive…  this one the latter for obvious reasons.

Engaged on the 1st March 2016, my missus (fiancée… mind you I sometimes feel that fiancée has a certain wank value added to it) and I have been together since October 2013. (the 13th to be exact, don’t want to get that one wrong fellas!)

Now I am not the most romantic person alive and will never claim to be but I do understand the importance of some form of romance in ones life.  Especially for the significant other.  There are certain dates on the calender that your missus should receive flowers. The rule is Birthdays, Anniversaries and valentines day… learnt the hard way of course, just letting you know that it’s not worth the hassle to miss these dates.  Having said that I was told that if I were to send her flowers randomly throughout the year then I wouldn’t have to abide by those rules…  it’s a trap! (thanks Admiral Ackbar).  Though I haven’t tested these waters I’m sure it would end just a poorly as Jar Jar Binks’ acceptance into the Star Wars fandom… Flowers are King!


Anyway moving along… being engaged is great.  Not only am I engaged to a gorgeous girl, I have also gained some extra brownie points… or at least for a few more months.

Here’s how I did it…

While I was away at work for the last time before being made redundant, I devised a plan to surprise her with a handmade engagement ring…  I like to dabble in a bit of woodworking and thought it would be a great idea to carve and create a unique ring with stone inlay… so over the next few weeks in between my missus being at work and just being lazy I worked at this task…

So during this time my missus started becoming agitated at the fact that every time we would have a conversation about getting engaged or being together I would pretty much dismiss the conversation and not give her a timeline on when this would happen (my missus is the type of person who needs structure in her future and where her life is going). So for me to be vague about the subject was most likely annoying the shit out of her, and actually questioning her about if I was serious about the relationship… in hindsight I probably should have made the ring sooner.

Unbeknownst to me, my friends in the punters club were involved in a side bet to see when we would get engaged…

So having figure out the side bet dates from everyone when they were pissed at the Carlton Club I decided to extend the date until I proposed.  This didn’t really help as we were meant to go for a picnic on valentines day… boy got hungover, time elapsed and a girl got angry.  To solve this problem I came up with a cunning plan to use a new date to propose and go for a picnic.  I hinted to my missus that maybe we should go on a picnic midweek (being 1st March) to make up for the no event valentines day picnic.  I planned on making all the meals and dishes from scratch consisting and all the Lebanese food she loves (yes… she’s lebo).

After making sure my home made wooden ring with stone inlay was finished a few days before the time had come to make her my fiancée.


Although the ring didn’t look like a perfectly made diamond ring, I was hoping that she would appreciate the fact I made an effort…  so in the fading light on the first day of Autumn I asked ‘will you?’ and she said ‘I will’


Who would say no to that? haha

Continue with Engaged… from a males mind part 2

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Did she say yes?


    1. Yes she did… Stay tuned for part 2 of my engaged journey


      1. Her expression is fabulous in the pboto.


  2. Faye says:

    Well done, Matt! Your blog is a joy to read and always puts a smile on my face when reading.
    It makes me swell with pride to think that the fiancé of my daughter, Sara, can write so effortlessly and amusingly in such a relaxed fashion,
    Well done also on your thoughtful proposal. The smile you put on her face, then and still, is priceless!
    Faye, mother-of-the-bride-to-be


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